Why does a DIY homeowner need a professioal designer & remodeling company?

Why does a Do-It-Yourself homeowner need a professional designer and remodeling company?

You’ve seen the HGTV programs that show you how easy it is to remodel your own kitchen and bath on a shoestring budget and over the weekend. So why would you need a designer or builder from Royal Oak Kitchen & Bath to work on the project? The answer is: those programs make it look easy because they are supposed to make it look easy. But is that reality?


Case in point – we have worked with clients that opt to buy their own products in an effort to save some money after contracting with us. The result – yes, they saved money on the products, but over the life of the project, they ran into snags. Products sold in mass quantities over the internet are not shipped from brick and mortar businesses with long-term reputations and warranties. Many warranties are void with purchases on the internet. They make a profit—they move on. So the products were delivered to our client with missing parts and no installation instructions. This slowed up the project management, creating a re-scheduling nightmare. The planned date of finishing came and went as we scrambled to get our team in and out effectively. What a mess!

Here is the value of leaving the project in our hands:

  • We find your products through our veteran vendors.
  • We order and have them shipped before demolition so they are ready when the job starts.
  • We take the responsibility of ordering the correct items and size and installing it correctly. We also return the items that are damaged or incorrect and follow-up for the replacement.
  • We follow design guidelines set by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. These guidelines assist us in planning a fully functional kitchen or bath.
  • We provide a service that internet providers do not. We manage the project and work with you to customize your kitchen and bath to your needs.
  • We are a one stop shop.
  • We stand behind our work.


If you enjoy the process of designing yourself, we will collaborate with you and give you the confidence that you are working with seasoned professionals that will consult with you and help you make wise investments that improve your property value.


That’s the value of working with a team of professionals. Give us a call and find out for yourself!

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